The Committee consists of parents of children who attend the Pre-School. They volunteer to take on the overseeing of the Pre-School, usually for a year or more. 

The day to day management of the Pre-School is overseen by the Pre-School manager - the Committee have termly meetings to discuss the overall business aspects of the Pre-school; finance, staffing and health and safety are a few areas discussed at a Committee meeting.   One of their responsibilities is fund raising - this money for example has been used to buy new equipment, a weekly Forest school session, Zoo lab at the end of term and an entertainer at our Christmas party.

We have a AGM in October and a new Committee is then elected - to keep the Pre-School open we do need to have a Committee of parents/carers of the children who attend the Pre-School.

Parents of children who join the Pre-School later in the school year and would like to join the Committee are very welcome to do so.

The current Committee was elected in October 2018 and consists of:

Chair – Lewis Slaydon

Vice Chair - Emily Ascott

Secretary –Susannah Stewart

Treasurer –  Ben Cram

Other Members:

Jacob Tindall

Tracey Cook

Ruth Riley

Georgia Fishlock