Our Daily Routine

The sessions run Monday – Thursday for a total of 20 hours per week. The hours are as follows:


9.15am -12.30pm or until 1.30pm with lunch



9.15am -12.30pm or until 2.30pm



9.15am -12.30pm or until 2.30pm



9.15am -12.30pm or until 2.30pm




Children who stay for extended hours will need to bring a packed lunch with them. Ideas for lunch boxes can be found here: http://www.nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pages/the-eatwell-guide.aspx


This is an outline of the typical activities which take place each day:

9.15am - Children arrive

9.30 am - Welcome time

10.00am - 11.30 am - Activity time, which may include: cooking, Outdoor Adventures, small group/ adult directed activity, physical play - outside where possible.

10.15 - 11am - Rolling snack - self service style snack to encourage independence.

11.35am - Tidy up time

11.50am - Story time

12.00pm - Rolling lunch time - the children sit in a small group and take as long as they need to eat their lunch.

12.30pm - Home time for those who attend just for the morning session

1.00pm - Activity time, outside

1.30pm - Home time on a Monday

2.10pm - Tidy up time

2.20pm - Story time or circle time

2.30pm - Home time Tuesday to Thursday.